You Are Registered!

Congratulations!  One of our Visit Coordinators will be contacting you shortly to get a few more details to prepare you for your visit to our church!  We are looking forward to meeting you and seeing you at His Anointed Christian Church. ?

Here’s What’s Next:

Step 1:

You’ll be receiving a call or text  very shortly from one of our Plan Your Visit coordinators. (They are super cool)

Step 2:

We’ll set up a time to visit that’s convenient for you, get you an up front parking spot, reserve a seat for you and your family, hook you up with drinks at our coffee bar, and give you a tour of the church!

Step 3:

Get answers to any questions you may have.  Then on Sunday, dress however you’d like and show up with your family to enjoy an amazing worship service experience!

We’ll see you then!

Location & Service Time:


HACC exterior

2225 Pinefield Sta, Waldorf, MD 20601

His Anointed Christian Church | 2225 Pienfield Station, Waldorf, MD 20601